Tips for Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center

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Finding the right addiction treatment center is one of the best things someone could do for themself. Getting a grip on the problem, before it continues to progress, is a gift unlike any other. Having the help of a place that knows what they are doing, and caters to the needs of the individual can be extremely helpful for those who are seeking recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Knowing what to look for can help when it comes to finding the right place for any given person. 

Identify Goals and Needs

Knowing a person’s specific goals and needs for a happy and healthy life is vital to finding the right addiction treatment center. If someone knows what it is they want to achieve and what they need in order to achieve their goals, they can then focus on that while receiving the help that they need. 

Every treatment center has different specialties and core values. Having these specialties and values align with the goals a person sets for themself, as well as their needs, can benefit the person as they begin their journey into a life of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Talk With a Treatment Provider

Speaking with a treatment provider can help someone to know exactly what a specific center focuses on, and what they can offer. Having this knowledge can help when it comes to finding the right addiction treatment center. Speaking to specific treatment providers can help answer any questions someone may have about the process, and the center itself. 

Investigate the Options

The number of available treatment centers can seem overwhelming when trying to find the right addiction treatment center. This is why knowing the available options is invaluable. Having different options, and knowing what each one can offer, and how they can help is extremely helpful when a person is seeking help for addiction. Having the right help, with proper support is extremely important for anyone who is seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Things to Consider

There are many different factors that play into finding and accepting help from the right treatment center. They vary in importance, however, each factor can play a major part in the process of getting the right help from the right addiction treatment center. 


Not all centers specialize in the same thing. Knowing exactly what a center specializes in, and their approach to helping can be one of the most important deciding factors when trying to find the right addiction treatment center. These specialties and approaches can make a world of difference in the outcome of a person’s recovery process. 


The different forms of therapy available through addiction treatment are what help a person become prepared for a life without using drugs and alcohol. Having proper therapies is crucial to being able to overcome addiction. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can help a person learn ways of coping with feelings and emotions, and trade out the negative thought and behavior patterns for positive ones. 

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is a fairly new component to many treatment centers. MAT helps individuals achieve long-term recovery through behavioral therapies like CBT and DBT combined with addiction-specialized medications. These medications help to alleviate cravings, as well as withdrawal symptoms in those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It helps improve the successful recovery of many people.


This is a double-edged sword when it comes to finding the right addiction treatment center. Often, people want to be close to home when they go into a treatment center. This can be beneficial for those who have unavoidable responsibilities. However, it is extremely beneficial to place some distance between the person who is struggling with these harmful substances and the unhealthy relationships and triggers that lead to them using drugs and alcohol.


A major component of finding the right addiction treatment center is the cost. Due to the Affordable Care Act enacted into law by President Obama, all health insurance companies must offer addiction treatment as an option on their plans. This makes it easier for those struggling to find care. There are resources available that can help. 


The extras provided by any center can make the treatment process easier for the person who is undergoing the process. Things like meditation, yoga, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and other holistic approaches can help a person relax and alleviate some stressors that can arise as they are going through the addiction treatment process. 


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