About Our Stoughton, MA Rehab

About The Healing Center

Through years of experience in addiction and mental health treatment, we’ve developed a core set of beliefs that will provide healing and recovery from addiction in Massachusetts — and they’re reflected in every part of our addiction Stoughton, MA rehab program.

Our mission is to empower people struggling with addiction and mental health through to achieve not just wellness, but wholeness. We provide leading-edge evidence-based addiction and mental health services near Boston, MA that fosters growth and resilience to help individuals thrive in a life of recovery.

Our mission.

At The Healing Center, our goal is simple. Our programs are designed to help individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders find the tools needed to heal through compassionate and evidence-based treatment services. 
We know that anyone is capable of recovering from addiction, but most cannot do it alone. Our Stoughton, MA rehab programs offer supportive and encouraging care every step of the way. Don’t feel like you are in this battle alone. We are her to help.
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Motivation is at the core of healing.

This is YOUR life — and if you’re invested, we can help you turn it around. Clients who are deeply motivated and ready to heal show remarkably high rates of long-term recovery from addiction.

We understand that it can feel impossible to escape the struggle of addiction. But there is hope. Contact us today to learn more about how our programs can help.

Addiction treatment must be individualized.

The Healing Center Stoughton, MA rehab is where recovery starts. We understand that every client who walks through our doors is unique. Thus, we offer individualized treatment plans in order to address the personal needs of each of our clients.  Our programs offer a variety of therapeutic services including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, trauma therapy. and medication assisted treatment. We understand that recovery is not linear. Therefore, we offer our clients a variety of treatments in order to ensure they have the foundation they need to achieve long-term recovery.

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We’re a team of passionate addiction rehab professionals with one goal:

To start the healing process from addiction.

Start building the foundation for the rest of your live in a calm, compassionate, and safe environment.

It is time to reclaim your life today.