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Life Skills & Career Development

Recovery is a process and a journey. There are steps a person takes in order to get to the place they wish to be. Part of that journey, once the physical addiction is addressed, is learning new life skills, and learning how to reach new career goals. There is a need for life skills programs in Stoughton, MA. At The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA we offer these programs to individuals struggling with addiction and looking for a better life.

Why These Programs Are Important

Throughout addiction, the person struggling can constantly feel like a failure, a burden, or a “problem”. Seeking professional help for alcoholism or drug addiction is the most important step that the individual can take. Another vital part of success if having access to, and using the resources that are available. The availability of life skills programs in Stoughton, MA is important to the addict or alcoholic developing the ability to, or relearning how to be a productive member of society. Knowing how to do basic, and everyday things in life can and will help the person struggling to regain that self confidence that so many addicts and alcoholics lack. Confidence in a person’s capabilities to basic things that comes as second nature to others is important to having a successful outcome.

What Our Life Skills Training & Assistance Program Offers
What Our Education & Career Development Program Offers

How Our Life Skills Program In Stoughton Works

Our life skills program in Stoughton, MA takes the time to know each individual client’s needs and wants in their life. Learning a person’s strengths and weaknesses allows for the clinical team to build that individualized care plan for each client. It can then be worked on with the clients on a one-on-one basis. This allows for the client to be open and honest about their knowledge, and what needs improvement, so that the care plan is fully formed around the individual’s needs and wants. Allowing the client to be involved in the development of their plan helps the client to see what they know, what they don’t know, and what is to come.

What the Our Life Skills And Career Development Program In MA Offers

As part of our life skills program in Stoughton, MA we focus on the individual and what they need in order to be a successful person in recovery. It is vital to learn how to be a productive member of society again. Basic life skills are generally learned and developed throughout childhood and into the early years of adulthood. A client who has been struggling with addiction of any sort can lose that sense of success and drive. During this time it is possible to forget those basic skills, such as budgeting, money management, self care, and even something as simple as eating balanced and healthy meals. There is also the possibility that these skills were never developed.  Our life skills program in Stoughton, MA allows an individual to gain access to important information that can show them how to practice these life skills in their daily lives, to continue their journey of recovery and be successful.

How Our Life Skills & Career Development Works

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Life Skills & Career Development at The Healing Center

Life Skills & Career Development at The Healing Center in MA

To help our clients successfully transition into a life of independence, our life skills program in Stoughton, MA offers an abundance of different courses and trainings, focusing on training and educational programs in area such as:

  • Time Management – By learning how to manage time clients can learn to use time productively. Having poor time management skills creates a stressful environment. These feelings can be triggering when a person is new in recovery and still navigating how to live life without substances.
  • Credit Building and Financial Literacy – Having the ability to manage their money, and think about investments and credit, can help our clients to learn how to be financially stable. Financial struggles are a major factor in relapse for individuals in early recovery.
  • Stress Management – There are coping mechanisms, and different ways of handling stressful situations to help people in early recovery successfully make it through without relapse. Knowing these tools helps on the road to success.
  • Creating and Maintaining Healthy Routines – Chaos and uncertainty lead to too much time available for poor choices. Having a healthy routine can fill time, and leave less room for a person to make the mistake of going back to what brought them to recovery in the first place.
  • Nutritional Planning/Education – Knowing what is right and wrong to put into the body is important. Different foods cause different feelings, good and bad. A healthy, balanced diet can help to maintain a positive mindset, while more greasy and fatty foods can make a person feel sluggish and less positive. That positive mindset is vital when battling thoughts of relapse.


Addicts and alcoholics need access to life skills programs in Stoughton, MA once they begin their journey of recovery. It allows them to learn basic skills that are necessary to be successful in their journey of recovery. At The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA, our goal is to provide all of the training and education we can to those who need it most. Our team of professionals is trained to individualize your care plan to your wants and needs. Don’t wait, reach out now to our admissions team to begin your life of recovery and success!

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