The Healing Center's Drug Rehab Admissions Process

Starting the admissions process for an addiction treatment facility can feel intimidating. Most people are scared it will be a long and strenuous process. Furthermore, they may feel ashamed and embarrassed about asking for help.

Thus, we make our admissions process quick and simple. Our staff at The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA make sure that you don’t feel judgement, have support, and are at ease every step of the way. We want you to get the compassionate and effective care you need to recover.

Our admissions process is broken down into three simple and easy steps:


During our initial assessment we complete a brief phone call in which we ask a few questions to make sure you are the right fit for our program and we can meet your needs. The assessment also allows us to learn more about how and what we should include in your treatment plan to maximize the benefits of your time with us.


Most of our clients and their families have questions regarding how to come up with the funds for treatment. During the approval process we run a verification of your insurance benefits to what your out of pocket cost may be. We also provide payment plan options in order to help ease worries regarding finances.


 We schedule a date and time for you to be admitted. We try to work around your schedule and help you find transportation if needed to the facility. Once you arrive we will do an orientation to get you familiar with our staff and services. Then you will be able to meet your peers and begin your healing journey!

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