Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Stoughton, MA

Dual diagnosis treatment in Stoughton, MA helps individuals who are diagnosed with both addiction and mental health disorders. Experts recommend that mental health disorders should be simultaneously addressed with substance abuse disorders in order for individuals to have success in recovery.

At The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA we treat all aspects of addiction, including any co-occurring disorders. We provide our clients with a safe environment to heal from any mental health struggles that are feeding into their addiction.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Mean?

Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to someone who has a co-occuring mental health disorder along with a substance abuse disorder. Another term that can be used interchangeably is comorbid disorder. Almost half of all people who receive drug and alcohol treatment also have a mental health disorder. 

For many people, drugs and alcohol are abused as a way to cope with the symptoms of an untreated mental illness. Unfortunately, substance abuse normally only worsens mental health issues over time. When someone is struggling with an untreated dual diagnosis there is an increased risk of emotional distress, psychological distress, self harm, and potentially suicide.

Dual Diagnoses Include

  • Depression Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating Disorders


dual diagnosis treatment in stoughton
The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Why Do People Develop Co-Occuring Disorders?

Just like addiction, mental health disorders are normally caused by social, environmental, and biological factors. Furthermore the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and addiction are usually similar to those of mental health disorders. These include reckless decision making, depression, isolation, paranoia, and anxiety.

There are many different reasons why individuals with mental illness often develop substance abuse problems. Regardless of the reason, the first step for healing for anyone with a dual diagnosis is to enter into a treatment center. In order for the root cause to be addressed an individual must first have their system safely cleared of drugs and alcohol. 

Mind altering substances can both mask and worsen mental health symptoms. In order to decipher which symptoms are the result of substance abuse and which symptoms are due to mental illness an individual must first become sober. Entering into a dual diagnosis treatment facility will help clients detox and implement a treatment plan that addresses both their mental health and addiction struggles. 

How Common is Dual Diagnosis?

Having a dual diagnosis is extremely common. A majority of people who are admitted into an addiction treatment facility have a co-occuring disorder. It is estimated that 17 million people 18 and older are struggling with both a mental illness and substance abuse disorder. The combination of disorders are unique to each individual. For example, someone with a dual diagnosis could struggle with both a cocaine addiction and ADHD, or they could struggle with anxiety and an opiate addiction. If you are struggling with a dual diagnosis know that you are not alone and there are available treatment options to help you learn how to cope and manage your mental health illnesses.

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How Our Dual Diagnosis Programs Can Help

The Healing Center offers premier dual diagnosis treatment in Stoughton, MA. Our treatment plans are customizable so that we can address both the mental health and addiction issues that our clients are struggling with. The foundation of our dual diagnosis facility near Boston, MA is to treat the co-occurring disorders simultaneously. Our staff helps clients heal from both disorders by providing them with a multitude of different therapeutic and medical treatments. 

Our licensed dual diagnosis treatment in Stoughton, MA provides clients with:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Life Skills Development
  • Medication Assisted Treatment

We provide an evidence based treatment model. This means that we treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously and provide proven to be effective therapeutic interventions. Our addiction and mental health specialists provide you with the tools you need to recover. 

 It is important to understand that leaving a mental illness untreated creates a high risk for relapse. Thus, if you believe that yourself or your loved one is struggling with co-occurring disorders, then you should only seek treatment from a licensed dual diagnosis facility.

dual diagnosis treatment in stoughton
dual diagnosis treatment in stoughton

How Co-Occurring Disorders Are Diagnosed At Our Facility

It can be difficult to diagnose mental health disorders in people who also struggle with substance abuse. This is due to the fact that drugs and alcohol impact behaviors, brain chemistry, and moods. People can suffer from substance-induced symptoms which create a complicated process when providers are trying to diagnose mental illness.

When someone enters into our dual diagnosis facility near Boston, MA the process of diagnosing co-occurring disorders involves the following:

Detox: A medically supervised detox is the first step in the treatment process. In order to properly diagnose mental health disorders we must first rule out any symptoms that were due to substance abuse.

Assessment: The next step is for our staff to meet with you and perform a clinical assessment. This evaluation takes into consideration physical health, symptoms, family history, and more in order to identify any co-occurring disorders. 

Monitored Treatment: While you are at The Healing Center your symptoms are monitored in order to ensure that the treatment we are providing you is working. This allows us to make any changes or recommendations if we see that it is necessary. Our goal is to provide you the best treatment possible and for you to achieve long-term recovery.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Massachusetts

Overcoming addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time is an extremely difficult task. Attempting to go through the process alone is a monumental undertaking. It is extremely important to get help from qualified healthcare professionals in order to correctly treat both your mental health and addiction correctly. At a dual diagnosis treatment center in Massachusetts trained mental health professionals will help you develop a personalized treatment plan that will significantly improve your quality of life and put you on the path of recovery.

Types Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment In MA

Dual diagnosis treatment facilities in MA often offer several different levels of care. This is so that programs can provide individualized treatment plans that fit the personal needs of each one of their clients. Furthermore, it is normally recommended that clients enroll in what is none as a step down treatment program. This means that they begin treatment in a high level of supervision and step down to lower levels of care over time. 

Of course treatment for mental health disorders are not one size fits all. They vary depending on the type of disorder, treatment history, severity, trauma history, and more. At The Healing Center we understand that every client has different needs. Through our assessment process we are able to recommend the best treatment plan and level of care to treat your co-occurring disorder. 

Dual diagnosis treatment levels of care include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Program
dual diagnosis treatment in stoughton

Where To Find Dual-Diagnosis Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders In MA

Many drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide dual diagnosis treatment programs. However, it is important to ensure that these services are provided prior to entering into a program. At The Healing Center we offer evidence based approaches to treating co-occurring disorders. Our dual diagnosis treatment in Stoughton, MA provides safe, compassionate, and effective treatment for both substance abuse and mental health disorders. If you or a loved one is located near Massachusetts and is seeking treatment, then rest assured we are here to help you. 

If you happen to need a higher level of care prior to entering into our facility, we will ensure to set that up for you. We will also make sure that you have an aftercare plan and the community resources you need in order to maintain your recovery prior to your discharge. Learn more about our facility here.

Getting Help for Dual Diagnosis Disorders in Stoughton, MA

Substance use disorders combined with mental illness are extremely challenging to treat and manage. There is almost no part of your life they don’t affect. If you or someone you love is willing and able to get help, they deserve the right care. The correct type of care is essential to lasting recovery and to avoid the cycles of relapse. The Healing Center can help. We offer trauma-informed evidence-based treatment for dual diagnosis disorders near Boston, MA. Give our admissions team a call today if you need help and want to know more about our dual diagnosis treatment in Stoughton, MA.​