Outpatient Rehab In Stoughton, MA

Many people feel conflicted about seeking help for addiction due to their daily responsibilities. With work, employment, children, bills, and other circumstances it can feel overwhelming and like they don’t have any spare time. Often, this can be the case with those struggling with addiction or alcoholism. They feel as though they cannot fit treatment into their already overwhelming schedules. Here at The Healing Center our goal is to make treatment accessible for everyone. Thus, we offer a flexible outpatient rehab in Stoughton, MA.

What Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Once someone discharges from a medical detox, inpatient treatment, PHP, or completes an assessment with one of our staff, then they may be eligible for our outpatient treatment program near Boston. Our outpatient rehab in Stoughton, MA is the most flexible option for those struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. 

Outpatient treatment is a step down from intensive outpatient programs. Outpatient programs require a minimum of 90 minutes per week. Thus, they allow for treatment to be scheduled around your commitments and responsibilities. Our outpatient program near Stoughton, MA is ideal for individuals seeking flexible treatment in order to uphold outside obligations. 

It is important to note that not everyone should immediately attend an outpatient program. If they are showing signs of physical withdrawal, have a history of failed attempts at recovery, or other factors then they may need to enter into a higher level of care prior to attending our outpatient rehab. The best way to know if you or a loved one is eligible is to call our admissions team and complete a quick over the phone assessment.  

outpatient rehab in stoughton

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outpatient rehab in stoughton ma

The Benefits of Our Outpatient Rehab In Stoughton, MA

Outpatient programs offer both support and flexibility to clients. This is particularly important for clients who have obligations to their family, job, or school. Outpatient programs normally require a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week and maximum of 9 hours per week. There is no need for anyone to let their schedule interfere with treatment for addiction.

Furthermore, we still provide compassionate and effective care to our outpatient clients. Our doctors, case managers, and therapists are readily available for you. We work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that treats your specific needs. Even in outpatient therapy you are still provided with evidence based therapeutic interventions to help you overcome addiction, including:

Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse And Mental Health Care

Individuals who struggle with substance abuse often have an underlying mental health diagnosis contributing to the addiction. Mental health disorders can affect all aspects of an individual’s life long after they have left treatment. Even if someone has completed residential, php, and iop treatment, it does not mean that they don’t still need transitional care. Stressors and triggers will continue to occur as they take on their new sober lifestyle. 

Thus, The Healing Center provides both short and long term outpatient rehab in Stoughton, MA. Clients can stay in our outpatient program for as long as they would like to. Furthermore, it is often covered by insurance for minimal out of pocket cost. While in our program clients have the ability to have support while they adjust to daily living in recovery which improves their chances of maintaining their recovery long-term. 

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Finding Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Outpatient Rehab In Stoughton, MA?

Outpatient treatment near Boston is one of the most accessible and affordable options for treatment for substance abuse or mental health disorders. It is less expensive than inpatient, residential, and other higher levels of care treatment programs. Therefore, it works well for people with limited resources and /or a lack of insurance.

It is important to let our staff know if you have financial concerns about the cost of treatment. That way we can work with you and explore all of your options. Insurance companies usually approve coverage for outpatient treatment for a longer period of time, since the cost is less then other options. At The Healing Center we will verify your benefits in order to create a realistic and affordable plan if you have out of pocket costs associated with your treatment. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. This includes navigating the financial spect when it comes to addiction and mental health treatment.

The Goals Of Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Healing Center’s outpatient rehab in Stoughton, MA offers treatment plans that are designed to treat each person’s unique needs. Our goal is to build the foundation for long-term recovery through evidence based therapies and a compassionate approach. Our outpatient program near Boston helps clients receive the transitional care they need in order to be successful in maintaining sobriety.

Our programs are designed to teach clients healthy coping skills, build self esteem, address negative thought patterns, and more. Our staff doesn’t just address the symptoms of addiction. We get to the underlying root cause of the addiction in order to give you the ability to fully heal. 

outpatient drug rehab stoughton

There is hope

Here at The Healing Center we provide an outpatient rehab program in Stoughton, MA. Our outpatient level of care provides both flexibility and effective therapies for individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Through individual and group therapies our clients are able to address both their addiction and mental health struggles. We offer evidence based therapies that are proven to be effective in addiction treatment. Don’t wait to get the help you or your loved one needs. Call our admissions team today. We are here to help.