Holistic Therapy in Stoughton, MA

Around the country, treatment centers are incorporating new and successful therapies and practices into their programs. In recent years, it has become common practice to use complementary holistic treatment practices to help treat addiction as well as mental health. These are therapeutic alternatives available to our clients here at The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA. We believe that having different therapeutic approaches to treating our clients’ mental health and addiction allows for a successful outcome.

What is Holistic Therapy?

As a practice, holistic therapies are used to treat the “whole person”, physically and mentally or psychologically. In fact, the word holistic is defined as “dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part”. So rather than just treating the physical aspect of mental health or the disease of addiction, when someone is seeking holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA, we offer options to help learn different coping mechanisms, meditation and grounding techniques, and healthy ways to manage stressful situations. It is important to treat the mind and the body when overcoming mental health and addiction struggles. 

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Types Of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment In Fort Lauderdale

Different Types of Holistic Therapies

As a whole, holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA includes a variety of different practices. As it pertains to substance use disorder, and mental health struggles we treat the physical symptoms of the problem and incorporate different approaches to treating the psychological effects the clients may be experiencing. Some of the practices that can fall into the category of holistic therapy  include:

  • Massage: Massage therapy can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By relieving muscular pain and tension, it can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. This, in turn, can improve alertness and energy levels in the individual.
  • Meditation: Meditation focuses on breathing techniques, and mindfulness. By focusing and refocusing on an object or activity, the mind begins to train attention and awareness allowing for mental clarity. This can also allow for a calm and stable emotional state. Meditation is a common practice when seeking holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA. 
  • Yoga: Benefits of yoga include improved muscle strength and flexibility, allowing for movement to occur freely without hindrances. Yoga also helps to enhance cardiovascular and respiratory functions, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as to help treat chronic pain. Holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA that includes yoga as an option, can be very beneficial toward the success of the individual struggling with any kind of addiction or mental health disorder.
  • Reiki and Energy Work: Through the gentle touch used in Reiki healing, stress anxiety and depression can be reduced. The practice of Reiki healing allows for healing to occur when the flow of your body’s energy becomes balanced.
  • Acupuncture: It is believed that acupuncture can stimulate the central nervous system. When this happens, it allows for chemicals to be released in the body that can alleviate pain, and help naturally relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Nutritional Planning: Having a healthy, well balanced diet can improve energy. When receiving holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA you can benefit exponentially from learning healthy eating practices. Having healthy eating habits can help you heal both mentally and physically.
  • Herbal Medicine: By having the autonomy to choose between modern medicine, and herbal medicine practices, individuals can decide what route would best suit their needs and wants. Many people do not want to be reliant on medication for long term wellness, and learning ways of naturally treating different ailments can provide a person with alternative medicinal treatments for whatever it is they are suffering with. 
  • Outdoor Recreation: Being outdoors can provide a sense of peace. Breathing fresh air, and hearing the natural sounds that nature provides allows for calm to enter into a potentially chaotic mind. Relieving stress through outdoor physical activity allows for distraction from whatever it is the clients have going on within their mind. 

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Benefits of a Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program

These are just some of the examples of available holistic therapies. Holistic therapy can be an effective aspect of treating mental health and addiction disorders. Incorporating any or all of these therapies and practices into daily routines can help a person become more disciplined and focused on their recovery. Being that recovery is not linear, and everyone has their own journey, seeking holistic therapy in Stoughton, MA can be an integral part of an individual’s daily life. Learning different coping mechanisms, and techniques for handling stress, can offer an alternative to the responses of anger and frustration that so many turn to when experiencing stress. 

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment In Fort Lauderdale

Holistic Therapy In Stoughton, MA

If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, or substance use disorder, the first step to finding relief is reaching out for help. Here at The Healing Center in Stoughton, MA we focus on all aspects of healing. It is not just about the physical symptoms. Our goal is to treat the person as a whole. Through holistic therapy programs, we can help those who are struggling to overcome the things that have held them down for so long. There is help available. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Our admissions team of professionals is here to help you navigate this process. Call today and begin your journey of recovery!