Will My Insurance Cover Drug Detox?

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A common question from people seeking help for their drug addiction is “Will my insurance cover drug detox?” and this is a valid question to ask. Healthcare can be pretty pricey sometimes. However, when it comes to health insurance and drug detox, there are some important things to know. Drug detox is available to just about anyone who is seeking help, and most of the expenses can be covered by insurance. However, it is key to point out that the specific coverage of the insurance will depend on the plan specifics. 

Understanding Coverage for Drug Detox

An important factor for most people seeking treatment for addiction is the financial aspect. Knowing whether or not an insurance plan covers detox is important to know. The best way of finding out the coverage details is by reaching out to the insurance. There is also the option of calling a drug detox program that can do what is called a verification of benefits. This verification is a process in which all pertinent information is obtained, and coverage is clarified for the person seeking help, as well as the detox offering it. Once this knowledge is obtained, the best course of action can be recommended. 

With the differences in insurance from plan to plan, it doesn’t allow for a clear-cut answer to “Will my insurance cover drug detox?”, however, a generalized answer is that most do. The answer to this question is best answered by getting the specifics of the specific insurance plan.

Will My Insurance Cover Drug Detox?

As previously stated, the most foolproof way of answering this question is to get the plan specifics. It is honestly healthy to wonder “Will my insurance cover drug detox?”. Knowing whether or not services that are being offered are covered under a specific plan is crucial to getting this much-needed care. The short answer to this question is that yes, insurance does cover drug detox, but it all depends on the plan itself. 

Which Insurances Cover Drug Detox?

It is important to note here that each policy will carry its own set of specifications and coverages. Allowing a drug detox such as The Healing Center to call and do a verification of benefits not only sheds light on a specific policy, but it takes the overwhelming task from the hands of people seeking help. Each plan under each insurance company will vary. Anyone who is asking themselves “Will my insurance cover drug detox?” should reach out and get the correct answers, to avoid confusion. At The Healing Center, we can help figure out the specifics and limitations of a policy and provide information on out-of-pocket costs such as deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. Reach out today.

Drug Detox Without Insurance

While insurance helps cover the cost of this type of care, if there is no insurance available, getting help is still an option. Across the country, there are many state-funded facilities to help those struggling with addiction get help at no cost. In addition to state-funded options, many private facilities also offer help based on scholarships. Researching and using local resources for help can help those in a situation where there is no insurance coverage.

Medical Detox Vs Cold Turkey

Struggling with drug addiction is dangerous. Oftentimes individuals who are struggling find themselves experiencing withdrawal symptoms that make the process of getting off these substances extremely difficult. These withdrawal symptoms occur when the person’s body has become accustomed to and dependent on a substance and then that substance is abruptly stopped. These symptoms are extremely uncomfortable and can potentially be dangerous. The “cold turkey” method of drug detox can make the process more difficult. Cold turkey detox tends to lead to relapse in people who attempt it. This is often due to the withdrawal symptoms that can occur.

During a professional medical detox, a person undergoes the same withdrawal process. However, the symptoms are monitored and treated. Being able to alleviate some of these uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms can make a difference in the outcome of the detox process. Along with the physical symptoms of detox, professional medical detox also addresses any mental health symptoms that may arise. Depression and anxiety are often more prevalent when someone is trying to end their addiction to drugs. Having the capability to address all of these symptoms while learning necessary life skills makes a difference for those learning to live life without drugs. 

Recovery is Possible

Drug addiction is a beast that claims the lives of thousands of people across the country every year. It can also contribute to broken family and personal relationships. Struggling with addiction isn’t a death sentence, though. Recovery is possible. There is help available to aid in the process. At The Healing Center, we offer comprehensive, proven care to those individuals struggling with addiction to find hope in life again. Call us today and begin your journey