What to Expect During Addiction Rehab in Massachusetts

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People struggling with addiction often wonder what to expect during addiction rehab in Massachusetts. It is a valid thought process, and understanding what is to be expected can be beneficial. Knowing what the process is, as well as the benefits of rehab, can be a great starting point for individuals considering this route. Rehab can provide crucial and much-needed support for those struggling with substance abuse to find their footing and build a foundation for their recovery. 

Addiction Warning Signs

Understanding potential warning signs of addiction can be beneficial for loved ones trying to help someone who is struggling. Some warning signs of addiction can be prevalent and easy to identify, while some of these warning signs may be harder to spot. Some things that could be indicative of addiction can include:

  • Avoiding family and friends in order to use substances
  • Lying about or hiding the reality of their usage
  • Irritability and extreme mood swings
  • Drinking at inappropriate times (i.e. drinking before work or school)
  • Engaging in risky behaviors (i.e. driving under the influence)
  • Experiencing blackouts
  • Criminal activity and trouble with law enforcement
  • Doctor shopping for prescription medications
  • Changing friend groups

What to expect during addiction rehab in Massachusetts as a loved one of someone struggling is that the individual can begin healing and regaining their life. The struggles they deal with during active addiction can diminish, and they can begin the healing process. They begin being the person they were before addiction took over their life. 

Purpose of Rehab

Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is a process in which a person struggling with these substances can remove the substances from their system and begin learning to live life free of dependence. Those wondering what to expect during rehab in Massachusetts can expect to have a safe and healing environment to grow and heal. Rehab is a starting point for those struggling to begin the process of healing and recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. It helps to teach positive coping skills, and ways to combat cravings and urges to use substances. It gives alternative ways of dealing with everyday stressors in life that would usually lead someone to use drugs and alcohol to cope. Rehab also addresses any underlying mental health concerns that contribute to the use of drugs and alcohol, and provides the capability to learn how to live with and manage the symptoms.

Benefits of Addiction Rehab in Massachusetts

Those wondering what to expect during addiction rehab in Massachusetts may also wonder what the benefits of rehab are. Rehab is beneficial in allowing those who struggle to safely remove the substances from their body. Detoxing from things like alcohol and opioids can be excruciating and highly uncomfortable. The symptoms of withdrawal often lead people to use it again. Rehab can address these symptoms, and medical professionals can help to alleviate them. Other benefits can include addressing and medicating potential mental health conditions like depression and anxiety that contribute to the individual using drugs and alcohol. Undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions play a huge role in someone’s use of alcohol and other drugs, so addressing these matters is crucial to maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. It can also provide a place to learn and implement positive coping skills. Everyday life stressors like finances, friction with loved ones, and work stress can contribute to relapse. Having positive ways of coping with these stressors can be beneficial in preventing relapse, and continuing on a path of recovery.

What to Expect During Addiction Rehab in Massachusetts

When it comes to getting better, what to expect during addiction rehab in Massachusetts is simple. Not everyone recovers the same way at the same pace, so the personalized care provided during rehab can help heal. The process includes an assessment, detox, and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

During the preliminary assessment, it is vital to be open and honest about the reality of drug and alcohol use. This assessment provides medical staff with a clear insight into what route to take when treating the individual. It also can help identify mental health and physical health issues that could arise. During detox, medical staff provide around-the-clock care to the individual struggling with addiction as they begin to remove the substances from their body. The process of detox can be hard to endure without the comfort professional medical care can provide to alleviate the symptoms. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction consists of using proven methods such as dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to aid in an individual learning the necessary coping skills to maintain their recovery. 

Getting Better in Massachusetts

Struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol can lead to life-altering repercussions. From impacts to health and wellness to permanent changes in personality, drugs and alcohol can lead to dangerous consequences. For those who are struggling, there is hope. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, we can help. At The Healing Center, we offer comprehensive care to aid individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol to overcome and rebuild their lives. Call us today and begin healing from the struggles of addiction.