What to Do if You’ve Relapsed After Detox

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While relapse is not a requirement for recovery, after detox, it is a common occurrence for those in early recovery. Knowing what to do if you’ve relapsed after detox can help individuals begin to find hope again. If someone has found themselves in a position of relapse, it is not a death sentence. It does not mean that detox and rehab don’t work. It does not mean the individual is a weak person. Relapse happens, and some people need more help than others do. Recovery is not linear, people recover differently and require different help. This is why it is important to know what steps to take after a relapse.

Lapse Versus Relapse

The first thing to do if you’ve relapsed after detox is determine the severity of the situation. Humans naturally make mistakes, and this is also true for people in recovery. The two types of slips in addiction recovery include lapses and relapses. While neither is safer than the other and using substances can lead to devastating consequences even with a one-time use, lapses are shorter-term usage. Someone who lapses generally uses these dangerous substances for a short while, and returns to a recovery lifestyle. A relapse is characterized by continued use and development of a dependence on the substances being used. Identifying a lapse vs a relapse can help with deciding on the next steps someone should be taking.  

Be Compassionate

The best thing someone can do for themselves if they have found themselves in a relapse situation is be compassionate. There are sayings or slogans in recovery, and one of those is to put the bat down. Often, people who have found even the slightest bit of recovery find themselves beating themselves up due to relapses. This contributes to the continued use of drugs and alcohol. Shame and guilt are leading factors of continued use in someone who relapses. Compassion is key when wondering what to do if you’ve relapsed after detox. People who struggle with substances have often caused damage to interpersonal relationships. When relapse occurs, it brings up all the damage and hurt all over again. This is why so many people who are seeking recovery that have lapsed continue using and find themselves in a full blown relapse, struggling to stop. These individuals should be kind to themselves, help is still available and long term recovery is still possible.

Get Support

What to do if you’ve relapsed after detox is get support from other individuals in recovery. Chances are, these individuals have also experienced a similar situation, and they can provide advice and their experience for someone who has relapsed. Having the support, love, and compassion of others seeking recovery can make a huge difference in the lives of those who experience a relapse.

Consider Getting Professional Help

Just because relapse has occurred does not mean that rehab is pointless or it doesn’t work. It can, however, be indicative of something missing. It can be crucial and life savings to return to a setting where professional help is provided to not only remove the substances from the body, but also guidance to maintain long term recovery. Committing to a longer term rehab program can help. Detox is short term, and sometimes individuals need a little more time distanced from the substances to heal and begin to learn necessary skills and tools for achieving long term recovery. Addiction treatment isn’t cookie cutter, and recovery isn’t linear. Having personalized and tailored care for individual needs is crucial for having the best possible outcome. What to do if you’ve relapsed after detox includes considering professional help to obtain these skills that can be vital to preventing relapse in the future.

Find Solutions

Continuing to use substances that could be detrimental or deadly is not the solution. It can lead to severe impacts to health and overall wellness, and it could potentially lead to fatal results. Knowing what to do if you’ve relapsed after detox can be life-saving. Knowing the solutions for recovering from a relapse can be even more life saving. There are solutions for finding and getting necessary help to find and maintain recovery, and these solutions can be vital to surviving the relapse. Professional care can help an individual who has relapsed to find their footing in recovery again. It can also help these individuals to learn and implement necessary life skills that can help to prevent future relapses from occurring. Recovery is possible, and knowing what to do if you’ve relapsed after detox can be the best knowledge someone can have.

Recovery is Possible

Substance use disorders are running rampant in communities across the country. A significant number of people end up finding themselves struggling, and many go to detox so they can gain their footing again. However, relapse happens sometimes. If you or a loved one have found yourself experiencing a relapse after detox, there is still hope. At The Healing Center, we help these individuals to get clean and sober again so that they can live a healthier lifestyle. Call us today and begin your journey to long term recovery.