What to Expect From an Evening IOP in Massachusetts

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Knowing what to expect from an evening IOP in Massachusetts can help those seeking help for addiction to make an informed decision on what would be best for them. There are different levels of care when it comes to addiction treatment, and all have a specific purpose. IOP is a level of care that helps individuals maintain the recovery lifestyle they are living. Those who have become stable, and need extra support benefit from this type of help. But what is an IOP and how does it help? This information can be beneficial when it comes to making the right choice for the best fit to help someone who is struggling.

What is an IOP?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are a specific level of care in addiction treatment that helps those who struggle with addiction to maintain their clean and sober lifestyle. IOP is generally best suited for individuals who have gone through a more intensive treatment regimen and have stabilized. Usually, individuals in an IOP level of care have gone through the detox process to remove substances from their system, and they need or would like extra support in order to stay clean and sober. IOP provides this support, while simultaneously helping to teach and implement necessary life skills in the lives of the individuals who have found themselves struggling. 

What to Expect From an Evening IOP in Massachusetts

What to expect during an evening IOP in Massachusetts can include convenience. Evening IOP provides flexibility for individuals to maintain their regular life, continue working or going to school, and being able to spend time with family. Evening IOP usually meets on set days during the week, and usually for set hours. For instance, Monday through Thursday from 6-9 PM. These hours provide the flexibility needed for individuals who need this kind of help to still be able to receive it and have minimal interruption to daily life. Other things that could be expected from an evening IOP in Massachusetts include goal setting, building necessary skills, aftercare planning, and counseling. This counseling can be both in individual and group settings. This is beneficial because it provides a safe space for relation to others, as well as being able to address more sensitive issues on a one-on-one basis.

Benefits of Evening IOP

Evening IOP provides a slew of benefits in the lives of individuals who are struggling with substance abuse disorders. Addiction can destroy an individual’s life, impacting work, school, family relationships, and friendships, and potentially will lead to issues with law enforcement. Often, those seeking recovery from addiction start from scratch to rebuild their life. IOP provides them the capability to continue rebuilding their life and providing much-needed extra support. What to expect from an evening IOP in Massachusetts can include flexibility that provides free time during daytime hours. This free time promotes time to work on rebuilding the lifestyle that the individual seeks, healing relationships, and growing in their career. 

Is IOP the Right Fit?

Who is IOP right for? IOP is a less invasive level of care in addiction treatment. It does not provide the round-the-clock care that many other levels of care do. This setting provides support for those individuals who have gone through a detox regimen and are seeking extra help to maintain long-term recovery. Because IOP allows someone to maintain their regular life, such as working, going to school, and taking care of family, the individual partaking in an IOP program generally lives at home or in another sober living environment. Without proper support, this could be a struggle. This is why IOP is not the right fit for all individuals, without having the proper starting point. An assessment should take place that will help shed light on whether IOP would benefit the individual.

How Does Addiction Treatment Help?

Addiction treatment is a beneficial resource for anyone who struggles with substances. It provides a safe and healing environment for these individuals to find themselves again and begin to live the life they have always dreamed of. IOP is no different. What can be expected from an evening IOP in Massachusetts is healing, and learning new and necessary life skills for maintaining long-term recovery. Addiction treatment helps to rebuild the lives of people who have been impacted by addiction. It is one of the best things someone can do for themselves. 

Begin Healing at an Evening IOP in Massachusetts 

Struggling with addiction of any kind is a challenge that many people face on a daily basis. The narrative that addiction treatment doesn’t work is false. Individuals who struggle with addiction can find peace and begin living a healthier lifestyle, and having the right help can aid them in this process. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, we can help. At The Healing Center, we offer care tailored to an individual’s specific needs, helping to set a path for recovery. Call us now and begin your journey of recovery.